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Client Testimonials

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Kathleen“I learned to see myself in a new way. I am more centered, balanced and effective. I am better able to anticipate and respond, rather than react. This program can help anyone transform the quality of their personal and professional lives. You will see tangible results quickly.”
Kathleen Nelson, RN, MPA, CPHRM
National Leader, Risk Management and Patient Safety, Kaiser Permanente


“BPSS is a unique consensus builder. BPSS consultants are gifted at creating an environment to work through differences and get to the heart of issues, to form a more functional team. Their work allows management to be proactive in addressing workplace issues.”
Michael Hursh, Chief Operating Officer
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), CA





“The ability to effect others and yourself in a healthy manner in difficult situations is a proven requirement of any successful security professional. The techniques of Dan (Johnson) and Deb (Moy) enable just that, with simple direction for use in common day-to-day situations.”
Mike Gentile, Co-author of CISO Handbook and CISO Soft Skills
Executive Vice President of Innovation and Security at Auxilio
Senior Researcher Computer Economics


“… BPSS understood … that to be most effective, professional development had to be closely integrated with health and wellness training.  Everyone needs healthy habits in order to thrive… But for bus drivers, they are an especially key professional tool. Stretching and breathing are critical to staying personally centered and self-possessed.  Every boarding passenger and every traffic incident has the potential to throw the operator off balance, and challenge professional judgment. Without the physical component, the core theme of the bus driver learning curve will not achieve its best potential: Encounter, Defuse, Let Go, and Re-Center. While BPSS drew those four stages out of the experience of bus drivers, they are useful for any person who wants to achieve greater effectiveness on the job or in life. … The results of training new bus drivers were impressive. VTA aggregated data from a number of key performance metrics, and compared results for drivers who received training and a control group that did not. Mentored drivers always did significantly better.  … The training program works, and again, I recommend Balance.point in the strongest possible way.”
Tom Fink, Co-Founder and former Director, Joint Workforce Investment
(a partnership of Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265), Santa Clara County, California


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“Balance.point was the glue that we needed in that partnership.  … It is easy sometimes to have a partnership at the table in negotiations, and shake hands with an employer; but when you come to the application of the training, then here come the challenges.  It was very smooth sailing with Balance.point. … (This type of partnership) helps the community.  A trained worker is going to be happy at the workplace, is going to feel that he can move forward, that he can transfer to a better position, and at the end, as a whole,  it has great results.”
Enrique Fernandez , International Vice President, UNITE/HERE Local 19



“As a catalyst of our culture shift, Balance.point was able to envision our goals and apply their techniques in a customized fashion. … the combined talents and expertise of Balance.point creates the dynamic force that is necessary for any significant culture change. … Deb Moy and her team were able to assist the Hilton San Jose in: securing our funding, designing our program, delivering our message, rejuvenating our service delivery, improving our performance metrics ratings and most importantly, developing our team members on a personal level to maximize their potential.  The Hilton San Jose is proud to have a partnership and relationship with Balance.point Strategic Services.”
John Southwell, General Manager, San Jose Marriott (formerly General Manager, Hilton San Jose)
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“In the past, I would get intimidated and defensive when inmates or co-workers would get angry or display other threatening behavior. After training, I have learned techniques to stay calm in these situations. I am able to explain my point of view, and find ways to resolve conflict in a positive manner.”
CC, Special Education Teacher for a municipal jail facility



“The breathing exercise has really helped me. I'm having better days, I'm relaxed. Amazing how effective it is!”
Mohammed Ayoubi, City Bus Operator



“I have been to many team building and strategic planning workshops. I usually end up drained and exhausted. But after this Balance.point workshop, I feel exhilarated and ready to work!”
MLG, Executive Director of a large non-profit organization



"The most significant thing I got out of this workshop was insight into the needs of others, and the means to get closer to understanding them.  We have moved a step closer to understanding each others needs and expectations, and made the first steps to forming a team. The workshop created a basis for understanding and being more open between group members… the Balance.point approach is more effective than other approaches. It was accepted and received by more attendees than comparable workshops."
Martina Wagner, Ph.D at a large biotech corporation



“I’ve seen you use the same techniques several times now, to different groups of workers. Every time I think I’ve got it figured out, you come up with a different angle or way of seeing things! I always learn something new. Your trainings are very effective tools for our workers.”
EH, Safety Training Specialist of a Fortune 50 company



“… the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) had just gone through a very disruptive investigation. … We needed to make some significant changes to improve the operations at the RRF.  Deborah developed a work plan that included management/supervision coaching and counseling, review of work place organization and practices, and employee training, counseling and conflict resolution, that helped the transformation of this facility to a much improve(d) operation. … After a year, it is clear that the improvements were real.  As with any organization, we continue to have issues, but the RRF as a whole is working much more as a unit and they have tools to deal with the issues that come along. ”
Mark Dettle, Director of Public Works, City of Santa Cruz
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“The work you did with Martina and her ETMS team was successful and empowering for them.  … all of the team members have grown in their understanding of how they fit within the greater organization, becoming a team with a common vision.  The new members … are already making significant contributions. Martina has also become more mature in her management style ... I have no doubt that Martina will continue to be successful … by incorporating your coaching suggestions.  I hope that you will continue in your excellent work with management teams within organizations like RMS in order (to) increase their effectiveness – you have already made a significant difference here.”
Robin Toft, former Senior VP, Commercial Operations, Roche Molecular Systems
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“… Ms. Moy has displayed great skill in working with all departmental staff levels:  executive, management, supervisory and line.  She has a thorough understanding of how public sector agencies operate and the communication interplay between management and employee bargaining units. Ms. Moy is thoroughly professional, discrete and results oriented.  She is capable of addressing both challenging and sensitive situations, working through all significant issues to find practical resolutions. … I have been very satisfied with our department’s work relationship with Ms. Moy and recommend her services without reservation.”
Bob Watson, former Director of the General Services Department of the County of Santa Cruz
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“Historically, this (work) operation was bleeding red ink. Through this (change) process, we have created a successful and profitable work unit. Equally important, we have designed new, productive ways of working and relating to each other for the long term.”
TP, Human Resources Director of an international high-end business service company



“People are talking to each other now.  There is a new atmosphere. We are building trust, where there was none before.”
JG, Manager of a public sector division with a history of contentious work relations and litigation