How Do I Start?

Most individuals and businesses begin with a ‘Discovery Evaluation’, this will allow you to get a sense of organizational excellence of your business. This is a $2000.00 value but we offer it at no charge.

A variety of training classes are presently available to you and your company if your staff has specific training requirements. They are very cost effective and produce immediate results.
Classes can be delivered in one-on-one, group, and/or online formats.

Click here to see a sample of class listings.

Individuals and organizations who desire a more customized program generally sign up for a more robust assessment that drills down to specific elements. We will develop a specific rreport containing evaluations and proposed courses of action to achieve excellence.

Once the Thrive at Work initial training is completed, we offer several levels of ongoing support to insure that the changes integrate and become a lasting part of your daily routine.