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Foundation Training Series: Classes

We will customize all classes and topics to meet your specific workplace needs, goals and demographics. We will provide simultaneous interpretation and bilingual materials as needed.

We will draw on our 20+ years of operations, program design and training experience to
create and teach any class or topic you need. We will deliver a cost-efficient and effective training program which integrates with your ongoing operational needs, company vision
and training goals.

We will work closely with you at all times, so you will be successful!

Here is a listing of some of the classes we have developed:

Health, Wellness and Safety at Work:

  1. Finding and keeping your center
  2. Effective stress management
  3. Improving mental focus and quality of thinking
  4. The link between wellness and productivity
  5. Participatory ergonomics
  6. Relax and Recharge™ wellness program
  7. Wellness fundamentals: Exercise, nutrition, stress management

Fundamental Communications:

  1. Understanding different perspectives
  2. Keeping your center
  3. Active listening skills
  4. Two way communications; importance of feedback
  5. Five ways to communicate: (seeing, hearing, kinesthetic, participatory, repetitive)
  6. Effective interactions with others
  7. Mentoring, coaching and counseling basics

Achieving Excellence - Team Building:

  1. What are your core values?  Company core values?
  2. Understanding different perspectives
  3. Keeping your center, staying balanced
  4. Creating a positive environment for change
  5. Overcoming fears and hesitations
  6. Building common ground
  7. Goal setting
  8. Action planning and implementation
  9. Work assignments and daily interaction
  10. Creating metrics, benchmarks and timelines
  11. Solving problems; handling difficult situations
  12. Celebrating success

Achieving Excellence - Continuous Learning:

  1. Advanced communication skills
  2. Assessing your needs and audience
  3. Alignment of training and operational goals
  4. Creating goals and lesson plans
  5. Classroom management
  6. Teaching techniques for adult learners
  7. Measuring progress over time
  8. Rewarding success
  9. Combining training and operational changes for desired results
  10. Running an efficient and cost effective training program
  11. Sustaining a learning culture for bottom line results

Leadership Academy:

A custom-designed training series for individuals and/or work groups, based on the Fundamental Training series, above.

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