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JWI: Maintenance Career Ladders Training Project (MCLTP)

"As I go to the yards and talk to the foremen and supervisors, they're just thrilled at how this program is working so well."
Bill Welch, Quality Assurance Foreperson
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

The Maintenance Career Ladders Training Project, or MCLTP, is a joint training project of Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265.

In 2008, MCLTP conducted an exciting new mechanic helper career ladder program.

Ten former service workers, vehicle cleaners and fuelers, trained intensively in the classroom and on the shop floor for one year. All ten were promoted into entry level mechanic helper positions to start their path towards becoming service mechanics.

BPSS worked with JWI to design the mechanic helper training project and prepare trainees with the skills they needed to stick with the year long program, adapt to new work conditions, and be successful in their goals.

For more information about how BPSS helped make MCLTP successful, please contact us.