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Joint Workforce Investment:
Mentor Voices

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"JWI has been great. All the players are at the table: HR, management, labor, analysts... so decisions can be made right then and there."

The Joint Workforce Investment (JWI) is a cooperative effort formed in 2005 between the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU).

JWI's focus is on identifying the common ground between VTA and ATU to create programs and practices which benefit the workforce both professionally and personally.

In recognition of the outstanding success of JWI for both bus operators and mechanics (see MCLTP), VTA and ATU won the Outstanding Labor/Management Partnership Award from the Workforce and Economic Development Department, California Labor Federation and State of California’s Employment Development Department in 2009.

Balance.point is working with JWI as a neutral third-party to help create an environment for positive, measurable change; and to support new programs that help people thrive in their work.

BPSS has provided assessment, training, metrics, benchmarking, consultation, documents and presentations to support and shape the expansion of JWI as it grows to manifest the vision of VTA and ATU.

Click here to see the positive results of a one-year pilot project conducted by BPSS for JWI, linking bus operator health and wellness with job professionalism.

For an overview of JWI and BPSS involvement, click here to view a presentation outlining some of the programs currently running.

Or click here to download a printable version.