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Success Stories

For years now, companies have tried one process after another to create change in their organizations. Yet, time and again, the old patterns return. The reasons for this are myriad,
but the key to unlocking the pattern is a deep understanding of the nature of change.

The Balance.point Method has been developed through 20+ years of successful individual and organizational consulting. We diagnose the nature of the issues and address the root causes.

Individuals and organizations see the first productive results in a very short period of time. Effectiveness builds, directly related to the length of time the method is utilized.

BPSS provides individuals and companies with the ability to be more competitive in the business world by guiding them to create and sustain an environment for positive, realistic change that is measured and benchmarked over time. This process allows each person in the organization to Thrive at Work.

How does our process work?

We are often asked, “How do you achieve success in such a relatively short period of time?” The BPSS three step proven effective process brings  rapid and lasting results to organizations of all sizes.  This system helps people at all levels achieve their goals and thrive at work, creating a balanced organization where everyone is working towards the common goal.

Here are the three simple but far reaching steps that we use:

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