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Joint Workforce Investment (JWI)

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What is JWI?

JWI's focus is on identifying the common ground between labor and management to create programs and practices which benefit the workforce both professionally and personally.

For more information on JWI, please contact us or look for contact information at the end of the videos below.

Some of JWI's programs include:

JWI Operator Mentor Program

Veteran operators develop a framework for discussing common service issues, and identifying and adopting effective strategies and actions. Training by operators, for operators. View the video below for an overview.

Mentor Voices Modules

Interactive computer-based training DVDs. Real life work scenarios and stress management tips. Thrive At Work! Click here to see a sample module.
View the video below to see the mentors' introduction to the modules.

Maintenance Career Ladders Training Project (MCLTP)

Service workers were given the opportunity of intensive training in the classroom and on the shop floor for one year. At the end of the program, all participants were promoted to entry level service mechanic positions. Changing lives through career ladder opportunities.
View the video below for an overview.

JWI Leadership Academies (JWI)

JWI Leadership Academies bring together Operations Division workers and supervisors to encourage mutual understanding and field level leadership. Participants work across multiple job classifications and departments to address day-to-day issues and solve problems together. This short video captures the pride of ownership among VTA’s rank and file workers (represented by the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265) as they rise to meet the challenge of providing excellent public transit service to Levi Stadium events, VTA’s BART extension to Silicon Valley, and a new Bus Rapid Transit system for Santa Clara County.
View the video below for an overview.